miercuri, 18 aprilie 2018

New book: Cosmin Budeancă, Dalia Báthory (eds.) Histories (Un)Spoken. Strategies of Survival and Social-Professional Integration in Political Prisoners’ Families in Communist Central and Eastern Europe in the ’50s and ’60s

This book contains analyses and case studies regarding the former political prisoners’ and their families’ fates impacted by the Communist dictatorships in Central and Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, Albania). The focus of research is extended from the individuals to the social context in which they functioned, as they were actors in flawed systems which were ready to harshly limit not only their actions but also of those closest to them. The case studies trace disruptions and distortions of broken lives along with strategies to reclaim and restore an apparent “normalcy”. 
The content of the book:

Simpozion „După Marele Război. Provocări pentru Europa: 1918-2018”, București, 15-17 mai 2018

În perioada 15-17 mai 2018 va avea loc la București ediția a VII-a a Simpozionului anual organizat de European Network Remembrance and Solidarity (ENRS). Tema de acest an este „După Marele Război. Provocări pentru Europa: 1918-2018”.
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